Packing for Spa Day



I am way overdue for a day of indulgence so a couple of weeks ago, a friend and I booked Spa Day Packages at Westglow Spa and Resort in Blowing Rock for this Wednesday.  Westglow is local for us — it’s about 20 minutes from my house — but has an international reputation with awards from Travel & Leisure and Condé Nast Traveler magazines.  Tomorrow is a teaching day for me so I’ll be really busy.  I want to get an early start on Wednesday so I am packing my bag tonight.

The day package I chose includes a massage and lunch, access to the dressing room, pool, sauna, steam room, whirlpool, tennis courts, weight room, and best of all, the fireside relaxation room that looks out over the beautiful Appalachian mountains.  I’ve been there several times when it started snowing.  The scene is always magical. The relaxation room also has tea, juice, fruit, warm cloths, cucumbers for your eyes, cold water flavored with lemon ice cubes and blankets for guests to enjoy.  Doesn’t that all sound lovely?

Westglow offers a variety of classes including yoga, pilates and water aerobics, as well other activities such as a morning hike. The hikes are usually off the Blue Ridge Parkway at Cone Manor, my favorite place to walk.  Weather permitting, my plan is to be there in time for the 9 AM hike, then work out in the weight room for a bit before my late morning massage. After lunch, I’ll doze, read  and journal before the late afternoon meditation and yoga sessions.  A glass of wine at the very end of the day has not been ruled out.

So what do I need to pack?  Westglow provides towels, comfy robes and spa shoes, as well as  luxurious toiletries.  The clothes and other items included here are similar to what I’m packing.  They are mostly from TJ Maxx (like much of my wardrobe!), Sierra Trading Post, and Amazon.  For links to the items, please click over to my Spa Day Pinterest Board.

1. A few toiletries.  Since I have rosacea, the only facial moisturizer I use is Zinco by Rosacea Care.  That, deodorant, comb and hair brush, and lip therapy go into the bag. I generally don’t pack makeup because I feel downright purified at the end of the day and all what I want to do that evening is to continue relaxing at home.

 2.  Active wear for hiking. The forecast for Wednesday morning is for the low forties.  I’ll want my fleece leggings, some warm socks, my hiking shoes, and a fleece base layer with a quilted vest.  I’ve walked enough chilly and windy trails lately to know that gloves and a fleece headband to keep my ears warm are good ideas.  This outfit is what I’ll wear to the spa since hiking is the first activity of the day so no need to pack it.  It is nice to have it all laid out and ready to go though!

This color combination of gray and coral, with a bright pop of blue to top it off makes me happy. I stow the little things I always want on a hike – a pack of kleenex, a hair tie and lip balm — in the pocket of my vest.  This one has lots of pockets so as the morning warms up, there are plenty of places to store my gloves and head band.

3.  My swimsuit.  Because at some point in the day, I will probably swim a few laps in the pool before relaxing in the whirlpool.  I generally prefer tankinis if I’m going to be active or hanging out in my suit for a while, but a one-piece blue-bathing-suit works for spa day.  I want something that is going to stay put while I swim, but is cute and flattering (who knows who else might come in for a massage!)  for the whirlpool or for lounging on the pool deck.
blue-bathing-suit This blue one with slenderizing asymmetrical stripes fits the bill.  No need to bring a cover up or flip flops since I can wear the spa robe and shower shoes.  When I go to the spa in warmer months, sunbathing on the deck outside the relaxation room is a lovely option so I add a bottle of sunblock and a hat to my bag.

4. My book and journal.  The book on my night table is Ann Patchett’s Commonwealth.  The reviews are great but I’ve yet to start reading it.  I am looking forward to reading a few chapters while relaxing by the fire.

My journal comes with me just about everywhere these days.  I’m packing it along with my favorite pen.  And just in case I’m in the mood for something more frivolous, I’m throwing in my new adult coloring book, Paris Street Style, as well as my fancy colored pencils.

5.  Comfortable clothes for yoga and meditation.  Fleece leggings will be too warm for yoga, plus I have been admonished by yoga instructors to wear pants that let you to see your knees!  I’ll wear a long tank with a built-in bra and capris for yoga , then throw on the cowl neck sweater for meditation.  I haven’t been to yoga in ages.  Fortunately the class is usually pretty small and caters to individual levels.  I like to wear yoga socks (aren’t these darling!) and bring my own mat. Because.

Don’t you love the combination of black, navy, gray and my favorite aqua?

fuzzy-merrilsAt the end of the day, I’ll throw the vest on over this outfit, put on my favorite fuzzy Merrells that I’ve packed in my bag, turn on my seat heater and head for home.  Hopefully my son will have built a fire and picked up some sushi takeout for dinner.  I’m looking forward to a fabulous day!

Escape to the Big City: 36 hours in Asheville

I should escape to Asheville more often.  It is about 5 times as large (population of around 87,000 compared to 18,000) and feels like a big city compared to Boone. But mostly it feels bigger to me because it has lots more great restaurants!  While there are a handful of restaurants in this area that consistently make good on the promise of wonderful food, there were as many within walking distance of my hotel in Asheville.

As the conference at which I was presenting a paper was at the Renaissance Asheville, I stayed there and was very pleased with the location.  I hadn’t had time for the kind of dining research I enjoy doing before traveling so I did a quick Yelp search on the first evening to see what might be within easy walking distance.  To my delight, I discovered that Cúrate, a tapas bar at which I’d shared several good meals, was only a few blocks away so I strolled on over.  At 7ish on a Thursday evening, a couple would likely need a reservation but my hope that a lone diner could find a seat at the bar without a wait was realized.  In the past, I’d dined at a table and ordered Sangria or a beer.  Sitting at the bar though, it was clear that a cocktail was the way to go.  I’m crushing on bourbon drinks these days — Cúrate’s Old Fashioned did not disappoint.  I befriended the traveling salesman sitting next to me, a self-proclaimed foodie who, it turned out, had grown up in Biloxi, the next town over from my hometown Pascagoula on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  His father had run Austin’s Style Center in Pascagoula in the seventies.  I think my mom’s purple hot pants suit came from there.  We’d each eaten a Cúrate a few times so shared our thoughts on what we’d enjoyed in the past and picked out some new items on the menu.  My ongoing obsession with charcuterie meant that I had no choice but to start with the tabla de jamón, a lovely selection of Spanish cured meats including jamón serrano fermín, jamón ibérico fermín and jamón ibérico de bellota. Delicioso. My dining companion then convinced me to try the pulpo a la gallega, a warm octopus dish served with yukon gold potato purée.  I finished with an old favorite, berenjenas la taberna —  wild mountain honey drizzled fried eggplant.  Better than dessert.  Great meal, fine company, with a lovely glass or two Prino Finca  Villacreces — what more could a solo diner want?

French Broad Chocolate
French Broad Chocolates

On Friday, I had plans to go with my lovely friend Brenda to hear some music at the Altamont later in the evening. With time to kill after the conference and despite the storm clouds brewing overhead, I went wandering around the area, making stops at French Broad Chocolates and the Asheville Wine Market.  Boone and Blowing Rock both have nice little wine stores, but nothing with the selection, including some great deals, of this place. Then the bottom fell out of those storm clouds. I slogged through the rain with my bags of wine and chocolates, ducking into every available doorway, and made my way back down the street to Rhubarb.  My friend Elizabeth at my1stwordwaschocolate had recommended Rhubarb and Yelp concurred.  Again, a reservation would likely be need for a party of two or more but the Chef’s bar was an excellent option for an early dinner for one.

Enjoying an Old Fashioned at Rhubarb's Chef's Bar
Enjoying an Old Fashioned at Rhubarb’s Chef’s Bar

Indulging my two preoccupations, I immediately ordered an Old Fashioned and Rhubarb’s chacuterie plate, the House Cure, along with their Preserved Plate of pickled vegetables.  Pickles, pig and whiskey — a divine combination.

Charcuterie at Rhubarb
Charcuterie at Rhubarb

The bar was quiet so I entertained myself idly chatting up the kitchen staff and watching them prep for the dinner rush while I dried out from the drenching.

I was intrigued by the name of this dish — LG Pack Square Cheese — so had to order it. It turns out that LG is  short for Looking Glass Creamery and Pack Square is their creamy brie style cheese.  I thought that it would somehow resemble a fancy grilled cheese sandwich.

LG Pack Square Cheese
LG Pack Square Cheese

The warm cheese, served with apples, pickled kumquats and a sweet vinaigrette, was a dainty little treat which in no way resembled a grilled cheese.  I finished my glass of wine — a Monticello Vineyards Cab — and savored a small piece from my chocolate stash.  It was a pretty close to perfect rainy Spring evening.

My final meal of the trip was Saturday morning brunch at Limones, a low-key restaurant with jazzed up traditional Mexican food, recommended by my friend Rebecca. Everyone else in the restaurant was enjoying a cocktail so I ordered up a Blood Orange Margarita made with Herradura Silver Tequila and Grand Marnier.  It was, ummm, very refreshing. Limones Huevos Rancheros April 2015

After my series of small plates over the last couple of days, I decided to dive in and order a big plate of Huevos Rancheros. I loved that my perfectly fried sunny side up eggs were served with all kinds of goodies on the side — guacamole and sour cream, salsa, a little slaw, some black beans, and fried potatoes.  I did not have a hangover, but if I had, this would have been the cure.

I’m up for another trip sometime soon.